illustration, game board

La Soirée

A party in a party

Designing a board game, inspired by the game of the goose, on the theme of our choice.

My theme:The party, the party with friends. I made this game during the lockdown, I missed the parties with my friends, we missed being together. The game is a story that takes place over a party and tells the story from beginning to end with many experiences that change with each game, depending on which game squares you fall on.

The game contains...

- A game board of 63 game squares of 50 x 50 cm including 10 malus, 10 bonus and 5 surprises
- Cards of 8 x 11 cm including 10 malus cards, 10 bonus cards, 5 surprise cards
- 4 counters (or 5 if you want) in fimo clay
- 2 dice in fimo clay

The whole purpose is to create an atmosphere and a story of a party between friends that sometimes degenerates.