Enora Vaudescal


Who I am...

Hi there ! First at all, It's Enora Vaudescal, I am 21 years old, Graphic Designer. And I am Graphic Designer & Illustartor with a Bachelor degree (Bac +3) from ECV Design Paris.

After obtaining my applied arts baccalaureate in 2019 with honors, I joined ESAM Design Paris in the second year bachelor's degree. Then, in September 2020, I joined ECV Design Paris for my third year Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design after which I graduated.

What I love

I'm in love with all related to design, but more about graphic design ! I am passionate about brand identity, typography, edition, poster design and illustration !

I like to express myself, compose, create and illustrate my creativity with colors, forms, patterns, ...

Music is a part of me. I'm always in shows, festivals and events ! I like Rock, Alternatif, Pop, Emo, RnB, Rock and Roll, and some others !


Branding & Identity

For me, a good brand identity builds customer loyalty and makes the brand instantly recognizable. It's the connection between the brand and its customers.


I create colorful illustrations with full of vibrant colors, rich texture and bold shapes. I really started illustrating two years ago but I love this part of my works.

Web Design

This summer, during my 2 months internship, I worked for Fleur Nabert as a Web Designer to recreate her entire website. And it was a very VERY good experience for me !

Typography & Edition

I'm in love with typography, posters, editorial design and motion design. I attach paramount importance to my editorial and typographical choices in my projects


... looking for a job in Graphic Design, Illustraion, Publishing,
Layout, Visual Identity and Web Design.

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