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Lui XIV.
Pourquoi pas vous ?

Workshop with Fleury-Mérogis

This project was initiated by the city of Fleury-Mérogis, with the Atelier Corbin in partnership with the ECV on the theme of the construction of gender stereotypes since childhood in order to fight them.

For this workshop, we were asked to produce a poster in 20 x 29.5 cm format, a gif, and finally promotional products.

The concept

Under the reign of Louis XIV, in the XVII and XVIII centuries, men put on makeup. Men are powdered, wigged, they make up their cheeks in red and stick taffeta flies.

Nowadays, why a man with makeup shocks and is said to be effeminate ? The purpose here is to show that Louis XIV and his court used makeup and that this did not prevent Louis XIV from being The King of France and from being powerful. Make-up is not gendered, it is and must be accessible to all of us, including men. We have to break this mentality that the man with make-up is effeminate whereas he is simply prepared and he takes care of himself.

Promotional products

Makeup is primarily used to hide skin problems but also to boost self-confidence and to sublimate. So yes, it is possible for men to wear makeup too.